HR should hire those who don't need HR

Think about it. If you can get the highly motivated, self driven, problem solving professionals for your business, they would hardly need HR care at work. Their initiative and ability to proactively deal with challenges takes care of them. This should be the purpose of HR's existence in an organization.

Let's see this step by step:

Induction: Motivated should research and learn about your business even before appearing for interview. They would go through your website, blogs, social pages, they'll catch hold of some connection who worked with you and understand the nitty gritties. They can tell you where you ***** up. Would you really want to sing your induction presentation to them in a room. You just introduce them around and they get cracking.

Policy reading: They'll read on their own in their plugHRapp login and furthermore if they don't concur with some, they'll walk up to the CEO and argue it out. Once satisfied, they'll abide, even if sometimes it may mean compromising. Their priorities aren't misplaced.

Employee engagement? You must be joking, its the motivated one's who run  engagement every moment whether in meetings or off them. In parking lots, cafeteria, trainings, excursions, lunches and dinners, even in car pools. They don't wait for a birthday cake cutting day or the traditional dress day, right? Those are the two HR calls engagement events. 

Appraisals: Well, that's a real one but its played between the team member and the management, HR has little rope here, would run fine even if HR goes on long leave. Motivated one will go and ask for an appraisal on demand from management even if its winter out there. 

Exit management: Probably, this is where the high performer my use HR to negotiate on her behalf for that next role that she has set her eye on.

I forgot training? Hmmm, how do you think the motivated one is so motivated? She doesn't need her Organization to train her, she trains herself using Coursera, Lynda, Blinkist, Ted Talks, Meetups and the world.

As an Organization, the single most important factor that can make or break your venture is your ability to hire these motivated supersouls. Or you'll keep wasting time and dollars running motivation workshops and training programs, where staff will eat Samosas, drink your coffee and go bitching.