There's a way to say POLICY

One that says we talk to humans, humanly.

Well that's what HR management is all about, isn't it? There's a why for every policy and it makes all sense to share that part before you share the sad part which most policies are in the end.

Brands are built through communication, exactly the way they are burnt down to ashes. You may not be able to change that policy bit much, but the way you share it goes long way in defining your workplace culture.

At plugHR, as we managed over 300 HR departments of Organizations across sectors, we realized that this "communication" part of a tad run down at most places. So either entrepreneur didn't have time to review or HR operated under pressure of deadlines or whatever the reason be, most policy communication su***d big time.

In plugHRapp we fixed it once and for all, we wrote the essential policies as default item in default humanly manner. You can of course mess them up or just edit part of it while retaining the spirit of sensible communication. The image is a screenshot of one such policy of plugHR, its part of outstation policy, talks about stay bit. Feel free to pick the thought and use at your place.