How are you doing on doing?

Jokes apart, this can be your stress test, especially after you've read all the bestsellers on business, videoed those Ted Talks and have discovered the meaning of word ecosystem much better than you did in the elementary biology class. This indeed is your stress test.

1. How do you think, you staff rates your Induction presentation?

Out of the World / Just below what Google must be flaunting / Average Joe / A minor key rendition / What Induction.

2. Your policy on leaves matches up with?

Richard Branson's unlimited vacations / Paternity & happy day included / Just above going to jail level / No one survives probation

3. Your roles are well defined and the goals?

Are set quarterly tagged to KRAs pointing to success indicators / Are set sometime in the year / Are set regularly but at the end of the year / We wait for agitation 

Already stressed? We were just warming up here. Well see? If you walk into your own workplace, for an interview, you wouldn't take that job.

You've picked up all the right notes at all these industry events, panels and award speeches that you go to, then how come nothing goes down there at your workplace? You aren't doing the doing. That's the stark reality. 

When it comes to talent management, just knowing ain't enough. There are so many ends to this puzzle that there's a lot of doing to do. Let's take hiring communication for example:

1.  Are your roles defined, does definition specify KRAs? 

2. Have you written a good advertisement for the role that is likely to attract a talented soul?

3. Have you defined screening questions? Are the responses you're getting auto filtered?

4. Have you put a call pitch together, for that first conversation with candidates?

5. Are you ready with FAQs? Content to send to candidates?

6. Are managers trained to assess, ask intelligent yet empathetic questions? 

And this might be just the tip of the iceberg. plugHR's pH8 framework talks about 8 key areas of HR each comprising of five to seven distinct acts that need to go right before you can make any claims about running an attractive workplace. 

Get down to doing, one process at a time, it will take detail, motivation, resolve and occasionally a platform like plugHRapp and you'll get there. Ted Talk is optional.