Are you missing skills for derivatives?

You are looking for Team management skills but that might not be a skill at all. It would probably be an outcome of many other skills being played right. Tell us how you would evaluate talent on team management skills, exactly how?

Our guess is that, if you ask questions related to handling team challenges, most who have ever managed a team would answer them well. Do they actually manage it that way on ground when the challenge comes, is another story altogether. You get the drift right? Most team managers think they are good team managers because they have managed a team. Problem is, even you think that way.

Its similar to asking a Tennis player how to play a perfect two handed back hand, to which most players would give perfect answer, when 80% of them would fail to play that on court when the game is on.

Assessment of skills require clarity of a deeper order, you can start by segregating skills from their derivatives first. So team management might involve skills like active listening, initiative, problem solving and use of communication, with change in team type some more core skills might get required. You would do better by evaluating talent on base skills and probably get an indication of how they'd use them in cases, demos, role plays etc. On team management in particular, one of the good ways to assess is to figure how many past team members of the incumbent have moved across jobs with the incumbent. Remember, people stick to good managers, even if it involves changing jobs.

In plugHRapp, we have tried to solve this problem for entrepreneurs by pre-installing key skills and managerial skills required for various roles in specific departments. This cuts experimental losses for entrepreneurs, enabling sharp hiring and training focus. It aligns every functional manager around Organisational skill needs and then one training for managers can get them to assess better.

Like always, you can edit, add or delete from the pre-installed skills to fit in what you might already have, but our guess is, you won't need to do that. We have thought it out for you, already.