You have been jargoned, my friend!

You are concerned about performance levels and you sound it out to HR. Then for days and days, you talk KRAs, KPIs, Scorecards, blah blah.......JD.....alignment.......mission, vision.....more blah.......

Then somehow you get past setting up of objectives, by now you've debated about all alphabets and the way they can be arranges, KRA, KPA, KPI, KSI, DCR, DSR, ........finally it goes to supervisors for ahhhhmmmm cascading, yeah like falling dominos, HR gives a visual demo as well.

Meanwhile in pantry the word is that you are building some secret weapon with HR and probably annihilation is around the corner, workplace is abuzz with resume writing and consultant calling.

Year comes to end, the much theorized jargons haven't sunk down the levels well. Life is as usual in work corridors, you feel a bit more wiser, now that you have tied a few jargons along the way.

And HR, well, wasn't happy with your lack of professional insights, is starting a brand new season with yet another entrepreneur. She has picked a few new jargons herself. History will repeat itself, yet another year, another place.

You, my friend, will take sometime to recover from last year's intellectual assault. You've been jargoned, only the year end P&L will bring you back to business.