Business HR on cloud & ground

We automate your HR

plugHR managers coWork with you, you run better HR, in half the cost

easy plans for all size ventures


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Why plugHR?

Automation plus coWorking to run your HR

You get both technology and execution support, no learning curve

Better hiring, on-time targets, reviews, training

plugHR's robust HR execution improves team engagement & performance 10X

Improved focus on business rather than problems

plugHR drives business alignment, builds culture, creates a learning organization




Why cloud platform?

A fraction of cost, same value as big companies

Cloud products allow smaller ventures to access high performance tools easily

No setup cost, no time lost, plug n play

Full product is available from day one, signup, add users and HR is up

Uninterrupted HR, happier workforce

Cloud makes your HR up 24x7x365, live on all devices, self service



coWork with plugHR; build awesome workplace

Not just cloud, you need feet on ground

plugHR managers run your HR hands on, using cloud platform and common sense

We've built over 300 ventures, HR is our forte

We turn your wishlist into actionables, we set quarter plans, execute and review

Fast, Flexible & Effective, that's plugHR

We drive the agenda, offer multiple ways to engage, you can leave HR on us.

Who uses plugHR

Entrepreneurs & other wise ones