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Any goal can be achieved if talent's on your side, question is, ARE YOU GAME?


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plugHR platform subscription

Automates HR processes, no waste to time

Cuts HR team size to half, makes it sharp

Subscriptions start at INR 5999/month


plugHR onsite manager

Runs best HR practices from day one

Hire better, train sharp, engage team

Subscriptions start at INR 60k/month


plugHR subscriptions strengthen your hiring, on boarding, inductions, training, performance, engagement, motivation


plugHR will free you from HR struggles

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Question is, are you ready to ramp up growth?
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Impressed with the speed at which plugHR worked for us, awesome eye for talent
— Alok Mittal, co-founder of indifi

In the War for talent, plugHR is your real armor


Finest HR talent on your side

  •  plugHR managers are handpicked, trained & pre-motivated
  • They're skilled in HR, project management,  tech deployment
  • Engage them for 2 days a week, 3 days or 5, no redundancies

Simplest HR tech in your hands

  • Easy to use, plugHRapp runs on mobiles
  • Reduces HR process to one second clicks
  • Eliminates slip ups & risk of interruptions
plugHR brings in motivated HR manager & simple tech platform. Saves entrepreneur’s time.
— Ashwin Naik, Ashoka Fellow, founder Vaatsalya

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