Subscription based HR for entrepreneurs

Outsourced HR function for smart enterprises

plugHR automates & runs your HR hands on, you focus on business


It’s the fastest way to run world class HR


Installs core HR

Hiring, induction, policy, performance management, training, best practices run from day one.


Automates everything

Attendance, day plans, daily reports, salaries, targets, reviews, eLearning, all run on their own


Runs HR hands-on

Full time onsite or few days a week, on rolls or off, plugHR deploys finest HR talent to run your HR


Usual HR is a recipe for demotivation & stress


Obsolete HR processes waste time & energy.

We institute few essential HR rhythms that are aligned to organizational goals.


No one’s talks productivity.

plugHR deploys proven productivity methods, plugHR consultant drives change onsite ramping up each team member.


Key processes keep failing both in letter & spirit.

We automate HR and make things available to team on their devices. Lean & fail-proof.


Bad hires keep killing your business.

You’re who you hire, can’t leave it to chance. plugHR ensures that from job ads to assessment, you are geared to pick best talent


plugHR saves your time, money & heartburns

Impressed with the speed at which plugHR worked for us, awesome eye for talent
— Alok Mittal, co-founder of indifi

Seriously? You think productivity is a jargon?


Run of the mill workplace

  • Team travel 1.5 hours, marks attendance, settles next 30 minutes, coffees up, starts work at 10am.

  • Few make tasks list, some let the day bring up the work, some ask their supervisor for work list. Just status check consumes half day.

  • Most hardly know organizational goals, only last meeting is high on recall. Next meeting drives action.


Productive workplace

  • Work begins without waiting for office attendance. By 10am, half day’s work is over.

  • Day plan gets made on phone and shared, supervisors can look them up if needed. Real collaboration happens on things that matter.

  • Top goals are right in front, tasks are aligned, progress monitored, help is handy. Meetings are kept at minimum.

plugHR brings in productivity champion & simple tech platform. Saves entrepreneur’s time, improves performance.
— Ashwin Naik, Ashoka Fellow, founder Vaatsalya

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