Every employee is a tech worker

It's fairly simple. If every business is a tech business now, every employee has to be a tech worker or tech manager if not a tech creator. Ability to not just adopt tech but actually leverage tech infrastructure is now the key to success in any role. That's why a candidate evaluation process must incorporate checking on techyness of the incumbent.

Let's take a few roles to see how techyness forms the core of the job.

SALES JOB is all about using CRM, web communication, social pages & pre-emptive analysis

  • Do you understand web communications, specially emails, inMails, social pages

  • What sales CRM do you use & why? Which tool can update pospect status more easily once engage with prospect on phone call, sms or whatsapp? Can the tool send daily report on its own?

  • How would you continuously engage with your prospect base, do you use any tools to automate birthday wishes, festive wishes, product updates, new offers.

  • Can you continuously track your prospects, client's and competitors conversations using easily available tools? How does that feed into your action plan.

ACCOUNTS JOB is about using say Quickbooks, setting up collection reminders, payroll tool

  • What system do you use for invoicing, recurring billing? 
  • Have you integrated all payment channels to smoothen collections?
  • Are your billing date reminders automated with ofcourse a line that says "igonore if already paid :)

Name a role and you'll find that the role is about using right tool well. Most of the knowhow is inside the tool anyways.

HR JOB for instance is about using a tool like say plugHRapp, all HR processes are covered

  • Do you know how to advertise jobs on job boards? In fact if you post jobs on your own webpage, these days most job sites crawl and re-post those on their on boards.
  • Have you set filters right to ensure right screening of candidates. This can significantly reduce wastage of management time in interviewing.
  • Can you read employee sentiments through their social posts? Can you make them refer their friend base to your jobs?
  • What micro-networks of learning can you set up using say Twitter, or gotoMeeting? Do you know you can make great learning videos using Zoom and then host them easily on a platform like plugHRapp to make it available to all your employees under a secured login?

I guess you get the point. Change your interview questions, you're hiring tech worker for every role, there are no non-tech roles anymore. 

At plugHR, we help entrepreneurs make sense of the new talent management paradigms. Rewriting role definitions, skills maps, hiring processes and training managers for the new game is what we do before breakfast. What do we do after breakfast? We let the tech work.

If you need help, feel free to reach out to us