Behavior change needs plugHRapp; not lectures

We wouldn't have learnt to type with our thumbs ever, had it not been for the mobile phones. Blackberry force-taught us to type with both thumbs, iPhones made us do with one. If fact once we got on the track, we figured out how to do it with one thumb, one eye and 15% neck rotation while we commit one arm, one eye and rest of the body to the wheels.

No amount of HR workshops would have achieved it, tools change behaviors far more simply and decisively. It's a shame then that when it comes to HR tools we still dwell in primitive payroll software space, leaving rest of the expectations on human managers to achieve. You are on a failed path from start.

Take Induction for instance. The idea is simple, a new joiner should get to know about the Organization, business, competition, protocols, policies, nuances etc and be ready to hit the road early yet accomplished. In plugHRapp for instance, you can simply leave the new joiner with her account access and then the tools runs presentations, followed by a self administered induction test. Each joiner gets her space and can pace her learning to suit best. Compare this to traditional "HR person stands in front of a batch and read a ppt" method and you'd wonder, are we Neanderthals still. Actually even Neanderthals got room to explore and learn at their pace.

Another beauty of plugHRapp is that you get to see the induction test result realtime, so as HR Manager, or supervisor, or the CEO, you can come in just when you want to address week links in a more meaningful way. You can re-do an induction where results aren't satisfactory. Yes, that's the real stuff that never happened before. No HR ever did a re-induction, we wonder why? Our classroom experience tells us that only a small percentage absorbs in one sitting, still every one passes Induction just by sitting once. Then of course your client tells you who wasn't inducted well, but thats too late, ain't it?

That brings us to another interesting question, if role of tool is so obvious, why they don't pick it first thing? Yup, that's because change is painful. Our friend Newton, hit by an apply on his head,spoke about Inertia long back. Inertia it is.

So drop an apple on your head, get the tool, not any tool, one that's being made to change behaviors. And yes, stop calling your payroll software an HR tool.