Change Management and some other lies

Every time an HR professional says "Change Management", most probably Darwin curls in his grave wanting to rewrite The Origin of Species, only this time he'd do it under the guidance of HR.

Then of course there are entrepreneurs who build business plans around it and give mandates like transformation of entire workforce within few months on limited budgets with clearly measurable ROIs. Ofcourse the whole battery of parents, teachers and mentors wonder what they were smoking all those years, that they couldn't change the protagonist a single bit.

And then understandably Darwin was quite an illiterate to say how evolution of species happens over millions of years. Unfortunate fellow, he never got the privilege of being in the company of HR or he'd know it takes a workshop or two.

A closely associated lie that goes well with "Change" is "Retention".  Now if Monkey sheds the tail, he is unlikely to keep staying on trees. So if by a stroke of luck some mutant does change, retaining the evolved soul in primitive habitation sounds unlikely.

But some lies are harmless, and then it's not just Darwin we read, we also learned about speeding up of "rate of change" thanks to Alvin Tofler. So to believe that change is around the corner, is no evil. 

But ROI ? That might be a bit over the top.