Simplifying performance management with plugHRapp

Having set up performance management systems for over a few hundred companies, we know how the whole effort becomes one big theoretical endeavor that probably only a PhD effort can beat. But with our HR automation platform, we cracked this by simplifying the whole performance management set up and program management.

To begin with, we did away with need of KRAs setting which mostly ends in re-creating the wheel again and again. So in plugHRapp, you find all KRAs preset, that you of course can add to. Second big detour we took was to define KRAs for the departments and not roles, using a simple logic that enough times most roles in a department drive towards similar category of activities. This also offers flexibility to supervisors to wisely assign targets to their team members across department KRAs, based on priority of the quarter. Simple change, but it makes the whole performance management system start. We bring you from lab to the field.

Now we handle the alignment challenge, another tempo killer in a PMS. How do you ensure that KRAs and targets that are set point towards Organizational objectives. Management spends endless days and HR folks spend late nights getting to this. Well, with plugHRapp, consider it done, no discussion required. We created a list of "Success Indicators" defined company level, so no matter what target you carry, it is of use as long as it is moving needle on one of the success indicators. At target setting, supervisor can simply tag the indicator that is being moved. Alignment done.

Does it cut flexibility of HR or management to set their own thing? Not at all. This just ensures that you can start your performance management on plugHRapp without having to think or labour at the beginning. KRAs, Roles, Indicators, all can be edited as you want along the way, though we feel you won't even need that.

Now of course signing up you got to do yourself. Or at least ask us to do for you.