Most consultants can't execute, and its quite right

Consulting operates in a perpendicular plane to operations. Being able to observe from that plane is central to consultant's ability to bring out what is normally hidden or lost in operations.

To pull consultant into operating role means taking away their vantage point and putting them at same disadvantage as the operations team, hidden gems are unlikely to come out this way.

There is one more challenge in this attempt, to discover, uncover, to unearth are the thrills of a consultant while to execute, to go to ground, to lead are thrills of an operations personality. That's why they take different roads in life. Now to make them do what they didn't pick in first place may not get best results. There would be resistance at play, if what one imagines is what one is compelled to do, then imagination would stay fearful. But not when an operations champ has to take the lead and charge.

Sample this, you are young and athletic, lost on the way to your destination and you ask an un-athletic man on the road about how to reach. He tells you there is a bus coming in 1 hour to take you there or you can just cross the hill in 15 minutes if you want. Would the path consultant take the hill himself? Probably not. Would you wait for 1 hour? Probably not. 

Engaging consultant helps you raise the bar, but it still keeps the execution onus on operations leadership. If you are not prepared to fail at trying new things at all, well new things won't be tried. So think before you get a consultant to help you, are you ready for the grind?