How not to lose business, when you lose talent.

DAHI HANDI is a much celebrated religious sport played on Indian streets, in some cities even carrying good dollars in stakes. Game is simple, there is a pot at almost a residential tower's height and people make layers by standing on top of each other to finally reach the pot.

Then during the game, one person flounders and the whole business falls. Did we say business?Does that resemble how you run your business? You had the choice, to build it like that residential tower that stands no matter what (almost) or the Dahi Handi style where ever process runs on people. Did you do the latter?

When your processes run on people, you run on fluke, every little event threatens you, every exit can bring the whole house down. Even newer entries can cause enough flutter, you are perpetually at risk.

Other way to build business is to make key processes run irrespective of people, not to discount the value of people to business, but to ensure that people do add that value and not just create risks. Ask yourself, will inductions happen if there is no HR on that day? Will appraisals happen on time if HR Manager leaves a week before review dates. Can you set and execute KRAs, goals, policies consistently if your HR changes every quarter?

If your answer to any of these questions is in negative, then my friend you are stuck with a Dahi Handi game. We found most entrepreneurs stuck that way, that's why plugHRapp was created.

What plugHRapp does is that it assumes you'd not have a stable HR at all. Now with that assumption, our online platform ensures that business critical HR processes run nevertheless. So once its up, its like that tower that doesn't fall, no matter how many times your managers climb or tumble.

People will move, talent you'll lose and you'll gain sometimes. plugHRapp ensures that things run irrespective.