Watch before you say "Business HR"

There is a reason HR is taught as social science, neither business science, not physical science.

There is a reason why all of your real business professionals, department heads and chartered accountants leave before attending to HR mandates. 

There is nothing called business HR.

If pain of business is so high, call them business managers instead. HR relates to needs of human resources while they are at work, so that they can be safe, happy, performing well, learning and going back home carrying enough left in them to engage socially, attend to family, get a good sleep and return to work motivated.

Most of these mandates would require HR professionals to often give a slip to burning business priority to make way for that human resource need of well being. To expect HR to be yet another task master, supervisor, boss, doesn't fit into the scope of the profession. That's precisely why, after having hired business HR, your workforce doesn't show signs of motivation and cheer. Last thing they needed was another boss.

In a perfect setting HR would treat good performer and bad equally. To keep or fire is business call that functional managers can take, but as long one is employed, one needs to be cared for, is what HR management means. HR should ideally also question, protest and debate around all decisions or intentions that have potential of causing loss of cheer, morale, performance or well being of staff. Imperfect scenarios would call for some negotiations from this extreme posture. But to call them business HR, is both demeaning and regressive.

Business HR is best handled by technology.

Once deployed, it attends to simple things like daily attendance, target assignment, reviews, data management, reports, self learning. plugHRapp does that job well and frees bandwidth of HR professionals so they can focus on Organization development and workplace happiness.

So,leave simple things on plugHRapp and focus on strategic issues,sign up now