Should Values be immersive or be hanging up there?

During one of plugHR Entrepreneur's bootcamp where some 7 top management were participating, discussion drifted to "Core Values" and what a discussion it was.

Conflict was about what should Values be. The highly placed aspirational destination that team should strive to achieve or the simple, handy, everyday play pal that is very you right from start?

Sometimes, simple questions can open a debate and we were glad to have initiated it. Amongst the team were stalwarts carrying double digits experience levels and it was quite a game.

What do you say?

Shouldn't values be the starting point? The essential ingredient of every interaction at workplace, whether with clients, vendors, team members, society. Then there is no need to paste it on walls, then you practice them day in day out. 

Why pasting on wall happens probably because it looks grand and its simple to execute. Not values but the pasting thing. Then you can conveniently forget about them. Pain with keeping values as daily ingredient is that then it would require greater sensitization effort, you would need to play it across your hiring, induction, policies, workplace conduct, reviews, events, everywhere. Now that's a tough thing to do.

So hang it on the walls. Watch, admire and go back to work. right?

Not quite, says plugHR.

plugHRapp makes sharing values easy on the platform. Since tech platform makes communication easy, it allows HR to talk about Values more clearly, daily and right through on boarding, induction, policy, eLearning and other engagement tools built in the platform.