Strategy discussion without HR in the room?

To let an entrepreneur lead a strategy discussion and to leave her at making decisions without presence of HR in the room is nothing short of an operational disaster.

In lot of ways entrepreneurs lack insight into what it'll take for normal employee grade humans to pull something through. Entrepreneur's benchmark on people's risk taking, motivation, problem solving, resourcefulness etc is so so far removed from reality. "If I get an idea at 2am, I open my laptop that was anyways lying folded on my belly and start working on it", would say an entrepreneur wondering what's wrong with HR when she insists that people do sleep in various other ways.

Chemists say that the rate of a chemical reaction is determined by the slowest step, team performance is no different. If not the lowest, it would be wise to take average team performance as an important parameter in planning execution velocity. HR is the only person under the roof who has any clue on that and HR is outside the room. 

Of course, we keep HR handy though, after all, when strategy meeting is over, someone needs to get the talent in. It's common to put all operational failure under "execution gap" bracket, but we know that's not the case. Failure was the strategy that got agreed upon in that room with no HR.

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