Have you written your Company KRAs?

Before you start writing KRAs for your team members, give common sense a chance.

Writing KRAs for team members is anyways too late in the day, KRAs need to be assigned to roles that need to be defined much before the team members are on-boarded. But here's is another twist in the tale, even roles is in the midle, not the starting point when it comes to setting Key Result Areas for the enterprise.

Start at company level, think about your Organization as one entity and what should be its KRAs, the outcomes in different dimensions that your enterprise must produce every day or often. Possibly ten things or fifteen? Those are your company KRAs, say acquire clients, ship in time, pack safe, resolve concerns, collect cash, say goodies, all those are the core KRAs that then need to be distributed across departments, to the functional heads.

That's the starting point, HR won't take long to then drill them down to each role in each department. Then you're set to hire team members for those roles, assesing them against competencies required to create outcomes as defined in their KRAs. See! it flows.