Enacting client's buy process to teams?

If you have some HR, then probably you have some induction and there is a faint chance that induction talks about your sales process. 

But this three level deep effort may not be enough, even though intention is good. What may work better instead is taking teams through the "buy process" of your client. There is huge difference between sales process and your client's buy process when you want to make your  Organization customer focused. 

Ideal induction then is one that enables customer interface for every person in the company on one pretext or another. If that is too much of a risk, then a friendly client visit to your facility or in worst case a role play enactment can do. But truth is that nobody trains your staff more than what your clients can do, you just have to figure how.

One of the things we do at plugHR is what we call as "work with us" before even one is hired. We take the incumbent to our client meetings, so they get a first hand feel of our business interactions. It is always disclosed to client and often we  get some good client feedback as well.

Why client's buy us or they don't and how do they decide, is what every team member must experience first hand or hear first mouth. 

That's induction.