Roles first, then Jim

Everyone  seems to know about the Bus. Yeah, Jim Collin's Talent Bus, that we need to fill it up with right people and then decide where to go. So far so good.

But is there some home work out there? Well, that's role book. Whether back of envelop or in meeting rooms, writing down roles that your business needs might be a good pre-cursor to the Bus ride.

plugHRapp provides a simple automated role book that then boots up hiring sheets, skills maps and performance tools, making talent management fully aligned to business. But with plugHRapp or without, defining roles clearly around performance expectations, KRAs - KPIs & Skills, might be the single most valuable step towards building a strong venture.

This may be a challenge for running enterprises where the Bus is already loaded up, but still role book would offer great clarity and would over time align people to roles around competencies.

You know what' the most difficult part? Starting out.