plugHR Managers are different?

Yes they are, separated from the rest by speed of light. So practically a different universe, though interestingly this teleportation happens in a short period over a series of highly exuberant interactions.

Those who write to plugHR for joining us have either consumed a bit of us on our blogs, or have heard us talking about how HR creates winners on various entrepreneurial platforms. So they are plain inspired as they write in. Well that's a great starting point.

Most plugHR hiring discussions run over days with different team members interacting in different settings, office, non-office, amidst travel, at times at client meetings. "Live it as it is" is the underlying principle. Those who survive were meant to be here. 

plugHR inductions have a heady philosophy component right at the front, front few chapters actually. Then a deep dive into tools, nitty grittys, back to school, business basics, finance, brand, technology, we trust no pre-existing education.

Then managers take charge, fully geared to lead people management mandate at our client's place, well most of our client's are fast growing entrepreneurs, they need HR that can match the speed.

That's what we train HR managers for, "to be two steps ahead of the entrepreneur". Ofcourse that's very wishful, but then can you be an entrepreneur's partner otherwise?

Over 200 morning connect calls, 50 tweetathones, 25 Training sessions, bi-annual bootcamps, plugHR managers are one of the best trained professionals both at HR and business.

Prashant BhaskarComment