Did your staff buy your value proposition?

Simply put, will they buy your product if they had the need? Will they recommend to their friends & family?

Sorry, if this woke you up, or made you wonder that you never actually tried pitching your product to your staff. At best you had a slide about it in Induction where you told them you had the best offering and you didn't turn to see the expression on their faces. No one asked a question, Induction was smooth sail.

If defining your unique value proposition was tough, converting your team members into believers is tougher, but not without virtue. If your team buys into your value proposition, you gain a significant advantage in terms of their conviction, client connection and inspiration fulfilment. This advantage will rub off to every interaction they undertake, so its worth the effort.

It ain't easy, put your best salesman to this job, this is your toughest bunch of potential clients.