Why plugHR uses a framework?

plugHR started with what it called the pH8 framework. Over 300 Organizations and over 500 HR professionals got a taste of it over the years while building their HR from strength to strength. 

pH8 was simple, 8 areas of HR execution neatly stacked with the processes and templates all placed in one repository. As more clients came, and more HR professionals rubbed the framework on ground, new knowledge got created. pH8 evolved to various avatars like pH11, pHR OS, HELP and similar acronyms, each sharp and better than before. 

The philosophy though remained the same. To bring structure and predictability into HR execution to a point that a basic minimum HR strength get built irrespective of the skills of HR manager executing it. Without framework that's not possible. Framework also makes training, troubleshooting and improvising easier and more likely. 

It's because of the plugHR framework that plugHR clients never got much impacted from change of managers onsite. Now with much of the framework automated in plugHRapp, even execution has become much lighter. What typically took a HR manager over a month to set performance management up & running, now takes a day. Policy is a few minutes, so is leaves, eLearning and most HR processes. We reached here because of following a framework.

We still use the framework, alongside the plugHRapp platform. It ensures that manager onsite is fully aligned to the philosophy and can get the best out of the platform, quickly.

Platform and onsite manager, that's what you asked from plugHR. That's what you get. 

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