KRAs are pre-defined in plugHRapp

That's a big one. It takes an Organization a few months, a few senior HR managers and lot of heartburn to write KRAs down for each role. Then there are confusions around KPIs and equal amount of energy is sunk in this trial and error method that gives more errors than anyone's guess.

plugHRapp simplifies your life on this one. KRAs for each department are pre-defined. That cuts your long painful story short and you can straight get down to setting targets rather than doing a PhD pre-work. All plugHR formats are researched and well thought on, so you can just run with it. You can always edit, rename or replace those KRAs with your own but we can assure you in most cases, all you'd change would be the English of it. For each department, you'd create 20 KRAs, net net, give or take two. Another discussion on KRAs would be a criminal waste of your time.

For the purists, who believe that KRAs should be set for roles and not at department level, here you go. plugHRapp allows you to mark some KRAs as "not applicable" from the department KRAs master list. Well that is one day's work for HR enthusiasts. 

So go ahead, just run with department KRAs that are pre-set or mark them down to each role. But in either case, begin at target setting and not at academic KRA setting stage. 

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