Don't lose productivity to social craze

plugHRapp is not a social app. You don't need one anyway, existing social apps have already pretty much eaten away whatever productive time your employees had in the first place.

Having run hundreds of HR departments across industries, plugHR was clear about one thing while building the platform, that employee shouldn't spend all day here. So that's what got made, a friendly, easy to use, light platform that isn't sticky enough to cause you loss of work.

Furthermore, the concierge bar on home page serves up whatever the visitor needs without making them run all over the menu links to find one action. So login, write what you want to do in the text box and get served up. Then logout and get back to work.

But don't let the simplicity of platform fool you, it's got all of HR built inside it's seemingly plain Jane demeanor. On-boarding, Induction, Roles, KRAs, KPIs, Targets, Skills, Leaves, Attendance, e-Learning, Testing, Events, Announcements, Sharing of Mission, Vision, Values, Policies, Documents, Performance reviews & Appraisals, you name it.

And the system reminds you at the right time for various processes through its unobtrusive notification engine. One consolidated email right at the start of the day to keep you on top of your work, daily.

On the move? No problem, plugHRapp is fully mobile enabled without forcing you to download it on your phone sacrificing your memory space.

To summarize: plugHRapp is a complete HR automation tool you'd ever need. It works humbly on any device without causing disruptions and it doesn't draw workforce way from work. It's just there working for you, ensuring nothing gets slipped.

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