Hire better with better Organization design

Most Organizations, specially smaller ones, jump straight into hiring pan and then feel the heat all along the hiring process. If the role design hasn't happened well, everyone in the recruitment chain struggles, of course at Organization's expense. Now why role design doesn't happen at most places is because it involves lot of thinking time and then co-working time between CEO and HR that almost never happens.

plugHRapp fixes this Organization design challenge by pre-defining Departments, Key result areas (KRAs) that staff in that department needs to work towards and the Skills that incumbents in that department would require to produce right outcomes. That's the starting point for hiring process.  So Organization design is primarily a hiring pre-cursor. plugHRapp makes you a ready to hire venture right at start.

Structured interviewing on required skills allows sharp assessment

On the hiring day, all that the interviewing manager needs to do is log into plugHRapp account and look up for department KRAs & Skills to frame up the set of questions for the interview. This not only saves time and cost for the Organization, it ensures consistency of assessment across the hiring chain, reducing chances of onboarding bad hires. Remember there are no bad talent, only bad hires because of bad hiring process and preparedness.

Saving the skill ratings for further improvisation

Your best hires won't score aces across required skill set, leaving scope for improvisation and further skill building. But that needs a clear rating trail that HR can pick and action quickly. If something needs to be improved, it better be improved before taking losses, isn't it?

plugHRapp ensures that skill ratings at the time of hiring, get recorded and can be quickly picked by HR to build a training calendar.

To summarize, plugHRapp ensures that you know who you want to hire, how to assess the candidate, why are you hiring someone and what needs to be still improvised even after hiring the candidate. That's an awesome clarity on every team member in your venture.

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