Use plugHR coWork to solve challenges

Last full week, using 5 one hour long coWorking sessions, we could set quarterly goals of all department heads of one of our clients with absolute accuracy. This was a major milestone considering that inspire of having well defined KRAs, sharp target setting was always a challenge.  Once target setting is a challenge, reviews, ratings, rewards, all become challenges.

plugHR coWork has run an exceptional test phase with tremendous success in solving HR problems. 

What is plugHR coWork?

It's a dedicated one on one virtual coWorking sessions on Skype or Zoom that is aimed at specific problem solving. Agenda is defined, home work is circulated in advance, participants come prepared to apply themselves fully. Since time is a constraint, every minute matters and much gets achieved. It's very much like Pomodoro's technique of focussed time bound working. You can assume one coWork session as one Pomodoro, except, this time it's a group one.

plugHR's moderators and experts are trained to make this work. So even if on client side, few members are new to either virtual working, tools, coWorking or keeping it short, we are able to get everyone on board fast. Only two things matter, that time is short and problem needs to be solved.

How does it compare to traditions, come to office kind of working style?

Come to office is dinosaurian, is well proven.It takes more effort to get so many participants to come in one meeting room to begin with, then the coffees, the ice-breakers, the egos, distractions, expert's travels, rest rooms, you never get started solving problems. Virtual coWork, on the other hand is only about solving and it does move very very fast on that. 

coWorking expands your choices

There is frankly nothing that you can't attempt to solve through coWork. plugHR network contains expertise on most of the areas you'd require to attend to. HR operations, Hiring, Induction, Performance Management, Training, Culture building, Innovation, Technology adoption, Work place development, Counseling, you name it. And coWorking allows you to work alongside experts from around the World, one on one, sharing screens. 

Why would you engage any other way? Ever.

If you want to try plugHR coWork to solve a specific Organizational challenge, just drop an email to and we'd set a coWorking session up for you.