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You're much better off trying to be preferred employer than chasing employee loyalty dream. Frankly, unless you're a preferred employer, it takes a simple 20% raise in compensation to take away your high performer. A signing bonus, and you won't even get notice period stay of the star. 

So much for loyalty. Shouldn't be surprising, that's what it takes to lure away your loyal customer too, a 20% discount, isn't it?

Here are the few things you can do before calling a consultant:

1. Put EXIT FEEDBACK in place: Attend to this process with same rigor as you do for hiring interview. Best exit feedbacks come by when you meet an exited employee a month or two after full & final payout has happened and ex-employee is well placed in another job. Just ask, "what do you think we weren't doing right?" Which means, you don't have to wait for next exit to get started on this, pull out the lost of those who left few months ago. Then fix things.

2. IMPROVE CONTENT that you peddle: You'll improve your workplace conditions (or whats been said about it) simply by reading up the content that you (or your team) is peddling around. All written stuff, your website, career page, job ads, candidate emails, induction content, policy manual, employee documentation, experience certificates that you issue, commendation letters. All that stuff is what people consume and then decide how good a workplace you are. Remember, work is the same everywhere, way of doing that varies. Change your ways for good.

3. Do TOWN HALLS weekly: Monthly townhalls are done by average corporates. Passionate teams live day on day, they need top talk week on week. Keep aside good part of a day every week for talking to teams. It's not a review, it's plain talk about where things are. There is nothing called over-talking. Indulge your team and they'll prefer you over others. It's that simple. 

Alright, long lists don't go anywhere. Do these three and you'll be talking business. 

Never hesitate yo ask for help, when it's for your good, we are around to fix your HR.

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