Weak HR weakens your business daily

Often entrepreneurs believe that a weak HR set up can at worst remain an irrelevant entity and can be bumped up at a later time. Nothing can be more dangerous for enterprise than this false sense of comfort. With weak HR, you weaken as an Organization daily.

Hiring talent remains a nightmare for those whose HR can't create positive momentum in talent marketplace. To assume that functional managers or leadership team can fit the boots is like living in fool's paradise. 

Employee communication suffers big time in absence of a people's person being accessible to staff. No, hands on bosses don't pass for an HR person and no one goes to a boss to crib. 

Compliances, training calendars, systematic reviews, events, rewards & recognition, all remain erratic and lop sided when HR isn't strong enough. 

Combined, these seemingly small issues pile up to make daily work a painful experience, prolonged neglect of which convinces the staff that "nothing can be done".

Irony is, so many entrepreneurs run to get a Chief Operating Officer to handle these issues, when all they needed was a good solid HR function.

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