Appraisal is here, you ready or not.

When appraisal comes , you better be ready than sorry.

How come every year is same story. Every year KRAs are retro fitted, documents stink and arguments run full throttle? Mostly because no one is interested in this annual ritual but all expect the reward of it. Incentives, increments, promotions, new organizations design, clarity on performance and training calendars.

We want it all, we give it nothing.

Here's below, a simple one page top sheet from plugHR recommended appraisal process. This sets the tone very well, any one who can handle lego, can build follow on sheets for the full appraisal process using this cue. If you can't, sign up for plugHR and we'll do it for you. Fix it for once and reap rewards year on year.

Or get earplugs and roar away the appraisal season.

Appraisal begins