You are who you hire

You want initiative, innovation, change, risk taking, decision making, out of the box thinking.

Your policy documents reads like a prison circular and your hiring process ensures that only those who fit in make through. And none of those things that you want are assessed in your hiring process. I don't have to tell you what you end up hiring, you are living with them as proof.

Aligning HR operations to strategic intent is the only thing that CEOs need to do hard work on. Then most HR processes would be able to accomplish expected objectives. This sounds more complex than it actually is. It comes quite naturally if you commit time and steer the conversation right. Your top goal as Organization builder would be to define strategic intent and then ensure that those who you hire are aligned to that. Rest tools and team will do.

When plugHR runs its famous BHRAF framework (Business HR alignment framework), we spend 90% of our time with CEOs and business Owners. Thereafter most teams are able to run 10x faster. The thing we crack is that no execution labour is spent without intent being defined in first place. Simply put, I won't board a train no matter how late it is, unless I know where do you want me to go. Sounds simple, isn't it?

You'll be surprised, in Organizational context, how many people just board the train because of deadlines and then change moving trains across tracks to somehow reach somewhere. 

plugHR's performance platform plugHRapp also ensures that its unique target setting function presses for alignment by asking supervisors specific KRAs and success indicators that the target points to. Once supervisors know it, they'll do it. 

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