Always have a reading list

To always have a reading list well publicized at your workplace is a great step forward when it comes to building a learning Organization. For, if you recall, most of your learning came from there.

List down the key competencies you want to build in your team, then pull out the best reading sources aimed at improving those competencies. Now get multiple copies of those and make them available at arms length to the team. Support it with frequent conversations about those books and how you apply them in various context and soon, most will catch on.

So if this was so simple, why doesn't it happen in most places? Well, the reading list never gets made. Even if it's done, it ain't focussed on required competencies, most people draw up a general interest reading list or the popular pulp. Go a level deep and the already available content can do miracles to your team's learning & capabilities.

Make sure that your reading list is shared along with the appointment letter and let it be told that you talk about one of those during welcome coffee chat.

Here's my brief list of three:

  • First Break all the rules by Marcus Buckingham
  • OOPS by Aubrey C. Daniels
  • Topgrading by Bradford D. Smart

All three lead to ground action and are a must read for entrepreneurs and HR alike.

One easy way to share learnings with team is by using the eLearning tools built inside plugHRapp. Simple features like Reading room and eDecks allow entrepreneurs to disseminate best practices, learning articles, case studies in an easy to consume manner offering learning on demand to team members.