How plugHR fixes your HR in two quarters?

plugHR consultants use plugHR rhythms, frameworks and tech platform to ensure nothing slips.

ACTIVATION involves entrepreneur's bootcamp where the talent game plan is discussed, debated and agreed upon. It's a structured exercise where plugHR leads the discussion and seeks clarity. 

FIRST QUARTER plan involves essential HR items and attending to burning needs. Things like compliance, databases, tech backbone, key policies, role definitions, KRAs, Skills and some bit of hiring process are put in place or strengthened in first three months. Employee engagement begins from day one, thumb rule is to drive at least one team activity per week and at least one outdoor action every month. As you see, first quarter is quite heady.

SECOND QUARTER is about finesse, experience enhancement and conversations. With operational HR in place and automated, plugHR shifts focus to touchy feely bit of talent management. Improvising induction experience, employer brand, eLearning platform set up, rewards, incentives, motivation take centre stage during this phase. 

Why so much gets accomplished in a short time is because of plugHR method.

Quarter plans, daily calls, weekly reports using mobile based time tracker, plugHR frameworks that carry templates on key HR processes and cloud platform plugHRapp all put together make the whole thing work. NOT TO FORGET, plugHR consultants are HR experts who execute.

In 6 months, your HR capacity goes up 5X. Naturally, you focus on growth with free mind.