Music won't let you down

They say even plants respond positively to music and animals ofcourse.  Somebody made fortunes selling music even if they used half eaten fruit to name the business.

You want to enjoy you switch music, you want to relax you switch music, you go on long run you run on music, before your Marathons you set up your playlists. So we don't have to tell you that you consider music to be a performance driver.

So why is there no music at office? Mean isn't it?

Music clearly has the potential to help people elevate moods, space out from rush hour road rigour that they would have undertaken to reach work and it helps people get in the zone. If you give it a bit more attention, you would even find researches that specify the kind of effects music can bring about and categories of music for specific outcomes.

Music for quicker hiring? Well now you're being greedy.