Who are plugHR Consultants that we hear about?

On the surface they are business degree holders having spent their early corporate years in hands on HR roles learning ropes around hiring, compensation, performance, training, engagement and the works in the trenches. 

After some 8 years of solid rigor when they looked up, you told them "So what exactly does HR do?", "Ya, that Birthday cake department, that's HR", "Coffee machine is down, what's HR doing?"

Meanwhile World changed a bit, plugHR happened in 2007, some HR lives were about to change and they did.

To begin with plugHR believes in HR and its capacity to create an awesome venture. We handpick HR professionals  where we see the fire to work like an entrepreneur and conceptual clarity on matters of Organisation development. Then we put them through a rigorous unlearning and change handling phase. Anyone who has worked for HR can tell you, it wasn't easy, was't structured, for some it didn't last, but one thing most will cohere about, that it was one hell of an indulgence.

Most plugHR consultants handle multiple ventures, which means multiple CEOs. Imagine what one CEO does to people, now multiply that few times over.

Each plugHR consultant time tracks daily not because someone has to add up but because then week on week you can see how bandwidth is going into things and you can realign next week's action. They all send Friday reports with full break up of where 40 hours went. 

Each consultant runs on plugHR framework that acts like a structured pathway to building strong HR capability.

Each consultant understands our technology platform inside out, the platform automates most of your key HR functions. This ensures that you are not person dependent on business critical processes.

Each consultant attends 52 tweetathones, some 12 webinar based learning sessions, performance clinics and boot camps every year to stay on top of the game of HR and entrepreneurship.

Most of them write blogs regularly, some conduct training & mentoring sessions and all carry their full office in their bagpack.

No wonder then they are the rainmakers and if you are out to build an awesome venture, plugHR Consultant is one weapon you need on your side.

Those who want to work with us and we who haven't been able to reach, we'd say keep trying, catch us on twitter, facebook, Linkedin, Airports, TiE events, Nasscom meetups, startup ghettos, wherever, if you are meant to be here, you will be here no matter what.

Best way to join plugHR is to connect with someone who is working here or has worked here before, they know who fits. If they recup nommend, you are legs in.

Or just mail at jobsofhr@plughr.com