Tech will blow your cover

In more than one ways, technology brings open your uneasy corners, the vague hide outs where mediocrity resides. But that's the point, you fix them when you see them. Here's what you're likely to see enough:

"Your team members do not have targets for the current performance period."

"Your supervisor review is pending. Your self review is also over due."

"Please complete skill ratings for your team members."

"You have no learning content uploaded, no tests."

"Policy viewer is blank, please upload policies."

"You get the point."

Technology won't care, it calls spade a spade. So be prepared to face things upfront. Good part is that nothing will pass your attention, so you fix things fast & keep them updated. 

Get on the tech road if you have the heart, it'll fix your HR challenges, you won't have excuses.