Do some surgical strikes on your venture

1. Strike hard on superficial working

You'll be surprised at the amount of effort your whole Organization puts on unplanned activities and low priority goals. That's probably because of absence of clarity, defined performance cycles, bad target setting and misplaced incentives. 


2. Slam bad technology adoption

Simplest way to stay a frog is to stay under a rock for long and let the World go by. But not on your payroll. Eliminate every hurdle that slows your effort towards automating day to day. Go deeper, understand concerns, address fears but ensure that nothing runs dependent on people.

2. Eliminate performance talk, start learning talk

Performance talk is for those who just judge but don't want to work along to drive performance up. Performance is an outcome, you'd have very little control on it. But learning is real, day to day, week on week, input dependent, ecosystem dependent routine. That's one hot pursuit you should undertake to ensure that everyone is a learner, no matter what their performance rating may be. 



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