How to build right competencies in teams

Competency building can be a long terms, big audacious goal written in your strategic plan or your burning need, big question is how to get started on the journey of competency building.

Even if you call in a consultant, it might do you good to know of a simplistic path that plugHR advocates. In plugHRapp, we have built a tool that allows you to begin building competencies far easily than any other way.

Step 1 is defining required competencies for each role:

In plugHRapp, you find department levels skills pre-populated. That makes half of your pain go away, now that there is a starting point. So you sharpen the skills set further while assigning a set of skills to the role. This might require a discussion with the supervisor of that role or functional head. But defining skill set for each role may not take more than 10 minutes. Next, pick the required competency levels (1 to 5 levels) against each skill and your role-competency framework is ready. This is your requirement from anyone who takes up that role.

That brings us to tough part, finding talent that matches the role:

Good thing is that you have defined required competencies for every role, so what needs to be assessed is now fairly clear to both hiring manager and the functional interviewer. If required both can be trained to do this part. This is where a consultant can come in handy, to conduct these training sessions for interviewing managers. plugHR offers these training interventions through our competency development experts. Once trained, equipped with the tool that makes assessing against required competencies easy, HR managers and functional managers make better hiring decisions. plugHRapp allows them to see match score while taking selection decision. 

Know the gap instantaneously, begin fixing

By following the selection process built in plugHRapp, HR manager or the training manager gets to see the skill gaps almost instantaneously. So while the incumbent joins in, HR can be ready with ups killing plan. While hiring managers try to minimize skill gaps by selecting better fits, often, hiring decisions under time pressure, in such cases, filling in skill gaps quickly becomes imperative.

You can plan your training calendar better:

Now that the whole team's training needs have been laid bare by plugHRapp's intelligence engine, building an effective training calendar is any HR manager's cakewalk. Selecting training partners, creating content and conducting actual sessions is where most time will go. You'll have far many real training interventions now with plugHRapp leading the way.

Here are the critical steps:

1. Define competency levels of each skill for all roles. plugHRapp does this for you.

2. Train interviewing managers on assessing on those skills. plugHR expert can do this for you.

3. Identify skills gaps for new incumbents and existing team members. Your HR can do this.

4. Build a training calendar, find trainers, execute. Your HR manager can easily do this.

The whole start to roll of competency building program shouldn't take you more than 30 days.

If you need help, give plugHR a shout, we'll put our expert on the job right away.

Fix your competency challenge now.