Rhythms do wonders

Daily calls, phone app based task tracker to stay on top of operational plan, weekly HR input report, monthly impact report, quarterly plan review & course correction. To most who join plugHR, this looks like some NASA control room initially and we need to assure them to just submit themselves to the rigour for one quarter. Then they glide through plugHR rhythms like a pro, its so infectious that before we know it, most of our clients implement it for their own operations teams. 

Ideas create advantage, rhythms make that advantage real by turning them into actual benefits. It takes a while to gain momentum  on any people initiative, then you need to take feedback, improvise, all of which would never see turn of cycle without rigorous rhythms and use of technology. Most plugHR managers would vouch for the feeling of reassurance and camaraderie they experience in the company of so many HR professionals every morning on daily call. To have a team of experts available everyday first thing to sound out your day's challenge can be such an ammunition at hand. No plugHR manager is ever alone, no matter how small their client's team strength is.

We must confess that it was a session with Verne Harnish on Rockefeller Habits that sowed the seed of developing simple and effective plugHR rhythmsthat connect straight into the overall strategic plan for the business, what made it a resounding success is how plugHR operations team implemented it over hundreds of HR assignments supporting it with our focussed induction and year long learning rhythms.

We can also not thank less some tech products like Paymoapp, Basecamp, Gotomeeting, Sabsebolo , Zendesk and our own plugHRapp that form support infrastructure on which plugHR rhythms run.

Hiring talent is one part of building awesome venture, running them on rhythms make the performance game complete.