Run awesome Inductions on plugHRapp

Great induction requires good content and frequent updation

Why such a simple thing doesn't get done well in most Organizations is for lack of visibility. That induction presentation is mostly seen only by incumbents makes it out of sight from large part of Organization including the leadership team. Do this check, "do you remember how many slides are there in your Organization's induction presentation?, it's 5 or 50?". What isn't out in open won't get updated, simple.

plugHRapp corrects this anomaly by placing induction content right in front of every team member, everyday. No leadership team would sit quite if induction content doesn't make sense anymore. 

Induction without test is a terrible waste of effort

With plugHRapp, you add a test to every induction presentation that the incumbent takes to assess where they might need help. This one simple step saves you from client level slips and probably public embarrassment, considering most complaints these days land on social pages. Another advantage of testing is that HR can get involved at level 2 induction for deeper discussion rather than just reading presentations.

Induction isn't only for new joiners, ever heard of re-induction

As business scenario changes, venture scales, need for re-induction emerges. Simplest way to keep team up there is to keep updating them with new realities, competitive landscape, evolving strategies and tactics. Trust simple Induction content in plugHRapp to give you options to present multiple presentations, each with their own tests to do this job for you.

To summarize, plugHRapp enables Organizations to induct talent far faster and with superior content as compared to traditional human driven induction experience. Being visible to all, there is pressure to keep presentations updated and with testing capability built in, its easier to identify need for intervention where required. Moreover, because plugHRapp allows multiple presentations and tests,induction can be a continuous agenda making sure that team is always updated to handle business challenges of the day.

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