Solve problems to get that job

Typical interview runs for under an hour in which most of the time you just recite what written in resume and interviewer recites whats written on their company website. Since most interviews run this way, you have a clear opportunity at hand, to differentiate your self. How about starting to solve business problems. 

Now let's dig a bit deeper. The whole idea of calling you for interview is to evaluate how you'll do on problem solving while at work. All jobs are about problem solving, just the nature of problems change based on your role. Luckily if you've been at work before, problem solving is what you have already done before, so its your familiar area. This is then your best opportunity to take the discussion away from unfamiliar zone to the one you have been in before, isn't it?

So let's say you are appearing for a Digital Marketeers role. How about quickly getting to employer's website and beginning work. See if the website seems okay, is it responsive, does it have call for action, is banner message good enough for creating conversion. Tell the interviewer 5 ways to improve traffic to her site and an improved conversion tactic. You see you are in your work zone, you know this and your employer is already seeing you in action. This is any day better than the usual interview gibberish. 

And believe it, if you leave behind an actionable agenda, not just the interviewer will get down to putting your words in action but not hiring you would be a very tough call. If you could fix three problems for me in an hour, there's isn't a chance that I am not hiring you.

Now let's give thought to this problem: You want to talk about client's problems but interviewer continues to ask you generic questions, Where would you be 5 years from now, What would you be if not a digital marketeer, what's your passion etc.

Well, you'll need to look for a way to turn, you can call it discussion hijack. So, on that question of "What would you be if not digital marketeer?" You'd probably say "I would be dead if not doing digital marketing and let me show you why. Most websites aren't even 25% there in terms of effectiveness, so there's a huge amount of change you can bring in with this role, let's look at your website and let me show you how, in 10 minutes, I can make it at least 30% better."

You solve problems and you take the job, that's the summary.

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