Subscription based HR for entrepreneurs


Your HR runs on cloud, no more heartbreaks


Simple plan

Your subscription plan is monthly, post paid and slabbed.

Subscription fee

For first 100 users you are billed at the rate of INR140/user/month. Thereafter at the rate of INR 70/user/month.

Trial period

When you signup, first 14 days run as trial at the end of which you are intimated of start of paid subscription. Unless you cancel subscription at that point, paid subscription begins.

Billing & payment

You are billed for usage at the end of every calendar month. Amount is calculated for the number of users in your account on last day of the month. For first month, billing period is pro-rated basis the date of start of paid subscription. All invoices are posted on your “Billing page” with an email alerting you about it. If your selected payment method is credit card, then your card gets charged automatically. If your selected payment method is “by cheque/bank transfer”, then you have one week’s time to pay the invoice.

Cancellation & refund

You can cancel your subscription anytime from the “Manage subscription” page in your admin login. Since simple plan is post-paid, your last bill gets prorated till the date of cancellation and you need to pay that. No refunds are hence required.


plugHR Manager

You can engage a plugHR manager to drive HR execution for you.


plugHR Managers are senior handpicked HR project managers who can work alongside your HR team or independently and run your HR end to end.

plugHR Manager subscriptions are open contracts, mostly costing between INR 60,000/month to INR 180,000/month based on number of days/week they are deployed.

Manager subscriptions are offered separate to the platform subscription as pre-paid subscriptions payable quarterly/monthly advance. These can be exited anytime with 30 days notice.




Can I try the platform?

Yes, first two weeks are for free lookup. If you decide not to continue plugHR engagement, you won’t be billed.

Is there trial for plugHR manager service?

No. Manager’s engagement is payable monthly advance. You get to retain work of manager even if you don’t continue using the platform. Manager disengagement requires two week’s notice.

Is there a minimum duration commitment for plugHR engagements?

plugHR subscriptions are open contracts. Platform subscription can be stopped with a day’s notice, Manager subscription requires two week’s notice.

What all does plugHR Manager attends to?

While plugHR Managers consult on most areas of HR that you may require, they are specifically focussed on processes that get automated on plugHRapp. Hiring, on boarding, policy, performance management, learning content, exit process, attendance, leaves management, employer brand and employee engagement are some of the areas where we have done extensive work on.

Do I get to meet plugHR Manager before deployment?

Yes, you meet the manager before deployment. Order is confirmed only after you give a go ahead.

Can I ask for change of plugHR Manager?

Yes you can. While all our managers undergo similar training and carry equivalent education and experience, you retain the right to ask for a change of managers, two weeks notice is required to execute the change.

Can I setup plugHR platform myself or would I need plugHR Manager for that?

Setting up plugHR platform is easy, lot of essential HR is already pre-set. You can definitely activate and run it yourself. Need for plugHR Manager comes if you don’t want to spend your own time and you want an expert to work on setting up processes, policies along with driving user adoption and change.