Great Culture motivates

It's one thing entrepreneurs must strive to create


Hire for culture fit

Assess on Skills & Values 

Share clearly with recruiters

Induct rich & deep on plugHRapp


Appraise on values

plugHRapp keep values inside 

Share easily & review on values

Identify culture drivers & reward


Trust & empower

Start with attendance on plugHRapp

Induction, policies, targets, all self serve

Progress update, self appraisals, feedbacks

If you want tech culture, use tech, innovation culture start innovating. Talk less, do more.
— Prashant Bhaskar, founder of plugHR

Eat this!


Learning culture is what you say you want

but you don't even have a reading nook at workplace

No one is in-charge of maintaining a reading list

No events are built around learning & sharing

You don't even write a blog


Last week you had innovation fever

but you say things like "just do as told"

"who asked you to apply your mind?"

"don't **** this up, no mistakes"


In team we trust, did you say?

You spent money to get that thumb impression installed at gate

Those who fall ill for more than 2 days, bring doctor's certificate

You must have hired a bunch of liars at work


To TED talks you go alone

then you wonder how come everyone at office isn't inspired

you want to de-brief after work hours, team has a train to catch


Cut the fluff, do some real work with plugHR