Learn fast by prioritizing

As a small business, you will end up depending a lot on continuous learning of your team considering the humble talent you are likely to employ. This is not a limitation but a great advantage you have over large corporations. Actually this is where you'll get your cutting edge.

But the key to harnessing this advantage rests on your ability to help your team prioritize on the learning goals, your ability to find low cost learning models and the continuity of learning efforts. We are not using the term training because you don't have to train, you have to build learning model and not training model, you'll see the difference. Training is push, learning is pull.

Let's deal with all the three parts:

Prioritizing learning goals

Sit together with a few enthusiasts in your team and enact the journey of your engagement with your client. Identify stages that involve delivering value to client and are critical in ensuring client satisfaction. Now break those down to skills that can create exceptional outcomes in those stages. That is your required skill list. Now order it on importance, most on top. This is the priority list. Now the key aspect to remember, this is not time line priority but a volume priority. Since these are all key skills, you can't take  year to get good at them, you'll start all together (nearly) but you will learn top ones more often than lower ones. So top skill will be learnt twice daily while bottom one probably once a week. That's a lot of learning. So let's go to second part.

Learning models

You are not a large corporate, so don't fall for their traps. You can learn any amount, all day, as long as you can model learning well. Think of every close workstations are distributed learning groups, each doing twice a day 10 minutes daily huddle on training. A learning group of say  5 or 6 members identified by a fancy name, say Learning Dragon, or Green Ninja or whatever, but each group competing with the rest on achieving unprecedented skill levels. Let them think and improvise. Daily 2 minutes best practice newscast, learning filled email signature contests, video of interview of the skill champ, a skill book projects that records best white papers. There is no end to how much we can learn through these little little learning micro-networks. 

Continuous learning

Micro-networks are like the underground revolutions, they'll spread, stay below the radar but will create unprecedented impact once they gain substantial entropy. Just let them be, let the revolution simmer. Let the new champions emerge, let posters get pasted, let them stand on the desk and say that learning newscast aloud. Just let it go on and on and on. And you'd build one tremendous enterprise that won't stop learning and creating business upside for you.

You'll thank that you were not a large corporation, that you could create this awesome learning machine.

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