Small does not mean deprived

Sales, Accounting, HR, Advertising for the cost of one employee

It's a no brainer that SMEs struggle in attracting, motivating and retaining talent. That most run on archaic HR practices of 1960s doesn't help much either. SMEs need to look beyond employees to create high performance, here are few ideas for starters.

  • Sales CRM that won't forget your prospect in tens of years and even alert you about next meeting dates
  • A book keeping tool on the cloud that will show you real time financials on mobile in middle of the night
  • plugHRapp ofcourse can free you from setting up policies, inductions, KRAs, appraisals, employee records, all HR that you need
  • Between Facebook ads, Twitter conversations, your website and blogs, your marketing is much covered for free
  • Join a few networking circles like Global Linkers or TiE, keep attending right meetups & your PR is sorted

None of this requires an employee and all of this put together will cost under $10,000 a year. You get the point?



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