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Automates HR on cloud


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How it works is simple:

  1. Signup plugHRapp on a plan that allows you required number of users. Use it free for 30 days, then billing starts.
  2. If you need HR execution support, signup for suitable monthly coWorking subscription for Rs.50k/12k per month for on-premise(2 days a week)/ online (8 sessions a month) respectively. Our trained project managers will run your HR, we mentor them through weekly virtual interventions.
  3. In case you need a full time HR manager onsite, we can extend onsite coWorking to 5 days a week model, we charge a nominal 25% markup on resource cost in addition to 8% hiring fee, to run our HR fully.



How plugHR saves my money?

Yes , let's get that out of the way first.

1. With most HR processes automated, you won't need senior HR managers, you'd save on astronomical salaries of senior HR. 

2. Occasionally, you'd need senior dope on HR, or a review here and there. You would be able to buy senior engagement from plugHR by paying for day use.

3. If you are under 100 employee company, plugHR can very well run your HR with its 2 days a week onsite model, costs you Rs.50k/month pus taxes.

4. If you are more than 100 employees, plugHR project managers full time is your most effective option, as they are fully trained and managed by plugHR. For 25% extra fee, you speed up your execution and cut on management & training fee.

Now if you wonder whether you were wasting money all this while. You are right. 


Is plugHR a software?

Yes and No, it's a software at the core, with a team of HR & performance management experts who build strong performance capability in your venture, step by step, working along with you and your team. 

Entrepreneur's challenge on building great performance culture isn't about software, challenge is about making great HR practices work on ground. That requires, right performance program, agile HR onsite and ofcourse technology. So great HR isn't really in the cloud, it's between the ears.

For performance to come, all elements of talent management have to work, hiring, induction, timely target setting, targets that offer optimum challenge, right incentives, sharp reviews and feedback loop, then teams perform. 


Do I have to take plugHR expert's services?

Not at all, take what you need. If you try, you'll find plugHRapp easy to set up and anyways, platform comes with 5 virtual co-Working OfficeHours free. You can use those to schedule co-Working sessions to get your HR up and running. Thereon, use Office Hours when you need them. Our HR experts are seasoned professionals with proven expertise in HR operations, performance management and training. They can help you build your HR function ground up apart from automating it.   Go to signup


Is plugHRapp different from other HR softwares?

To begin with, plugHRapp is built by plugHR on back of its experience of having physically set up over 400 HR departments across 13 Indian cities. So it's a tool built by HR and not few software programmers guessing how HR should run. Most HR practices that you'd wonder how to run, are built in the app in ready to run state. For example, to run performance management, you'd need to set up KRAs for roles in different departments. This could take you a few months before you can set it up on other softwares. But in plugHRapp, you'd find KRAs for roles in each department already defined. You can always edit them or add your own, but if you don't want to even lift your finger, platform is fully set up for use. Same goes for Skills mapping for different roles in different functions, skill list is already defined. But ya, in reality, you still would need to lift finger though :)

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What if I don't have an HR manager in my team?

We can hire one for you in no time. Over 500 senior HR professionals have worked with plugHR, over 4000 engage with us through our webinars, tweetathones, career cafes and bootcamps. We know their competencies, their interests and their aspirations, we can handpick the finest for you if you need. Hiring HR manager on your own can be exhausting, most of them write same things on their resume, we understand that. Leave it to us, we know what to ask.


Can you improve my existing HR team?

We would love to work with your existing HR team. Lot of deficiency in HR performance comes from lack of clarity, absence of good tool and lack of motivation at work. We can plug all three gaps for you. We firmly believe that with our support every HR team can give 50% improvement in visible performance within one quarter. There is frankly nothing that an inspired team can't achieve. If you want best of plugHR, pack it all in, platform plus co-Working, then watch HR run on overdrive.


Why do I need great HR?

Well, you may have landed here by mistake, but that's not too bad either. There is enough already written and spoken about this, we would suggest you ask your friends, mentors, investors and those you look up to and figure this one out on your own.

We would love to sell our engagement to you, but HR idea must be bought, not sold to.

You might want to read up "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh , "REWORK" by Jason Fried, "Maverick" by Ricardo Semler, few HR focussed HBRs to get started on Talent Management, HR, Team work etc.


How do I pay to plugHR?

You pay monthly with credit card or you pay annual through cheque/NEFT.

For plugHRapp, you pay flat Rs.1k/month for 8 users plan, Rs.3k/month for 20 users, Rs.5k/month for upto 50 users and Rs.10k/month for upto 200 users, pro-rated for more users beyond that. You can try the product for free for first 30 days on any plan.

If you need discount being a social enterprise, talk to us, we'll do something.

For plugHR consultant you pay based on coWorking plan you pick.

Onsite OfficeDay costs Rs.10k/day (4 productive working hours) plus travel. You can also signup for 2 OfficeDays/week running subscription, for Rs.50k/month

Virtual OfficeHour costs Rs.800/hour (one on one co-Working on Zoom/Skype). You can signup for 1hour/day 5 days a week subscription for Rs.12k/month.

You get options to buy & schedule co-Working from inside plugHRapp account.

Applicable taxes on all invoices over and above the mentioned fee.

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