Subscription based HR for entrepreneurs

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What are plugHR’s offerings? How does the pricing work?

plugHR offerings comprise of plugHRapp subscription, onsite HR team deployments, offsite hiring seat and outsourced payroll management.

Pricing works as follows:

plugHRapp platform: Rs.200 per user per month with minimum subscription being Rs.5000/month

Onsite HR deployment: Ranges from Rs.60,000/month to Rs.180,000/month based on extent of deployment

Offsite Hiring Seat: Rs.50,000/month for dedicated recruiter plus 2% of annual CTC of hired candidates

Payroll solution: Rs. 100/user/month with minimum subscription being Rs.10,000/month

Can I customize my solution?

Yes, you can pick what you want. Feel free to initiate discussion with us, we can construct a solution for your needs.

What all gets done on plugHRapp - the cloud platform from plugHR?

Manpower planning, Job posting, Hiring pipeline management, Candidate assessment, Employee on boarding & induction, Employee records, Policy, Attendance and Leaves, Target setting, Day plans and Daily reports, Performance reviews, Annual appraisals, Learning Management, Exit Management, Announcement, Events, Payroll.

What makes HR teams deployed by plugHR more effective?

Focus. Since it’s our full time job and our mission, we spend enormous time in building methods that not just hire purpose driven HR professionals but we also keep them in the know and motivated. Our knowledge framework pH8 gives HR managers instant access to world class HR content and ready to deploy arsenal, making them fast at work. plugHR trains its managers on project management methods and tools so they plan better, report tight and improvise real time. Our learning rhythms include webinars, meetups and outbound bootcamps. Naturally then, plugHR managers are effective.

I already have HR team. Can I engage plugHR to work with my existing HR team?

Yes you can, we can evaluate your existing team and if you have comfort with the team, we can takeover the mandate and groom them as plugHR managers. Our goal is same as yours; to run great HR department for you.

What kind of organizations have worked with plugHR?

Most common characteristic of our portfolio client is that it’s run by an ambitious leader who values talent. Our clients includes names like, CraftsVilla, Healthkart, 1298 Ambulance, Goonj, Milan, Vaatsalya Hospitals, LV Prasad Eyey Hospital, Jeevanthi Hospital Suburban Diagnostics, Fusion Charts, Indusnet, D.Light, Smart Power, GEWP, Ambuja Foundation, NEN, Narottam Sekhsaria Foundation, Aavishkar Venture fund, Intellicap, Tara Haat, Exxat Systems, Indifi, Collekto and many more. We have worked with incubators like SINE, Hatch and with portfolios of ace investors like Sequoia, Nexus, Canaan, Acumen, Seed fund and more.

Does plugHR handle recruitments?

Yes, we do. Our onsite HR team is trained and equipped to drive talent acquisition aggressively. In addition we offer hiring seats as offsite hiring support bandwidth to handle hiring ramp up when required. After all, a venture is as good as talent it hires.

How about payroll management and related compliances?

We offer fully outsourced payroll management solutions that includes pay sheet processing, salary payments, payslips to employees, TDS deductions, TDS payment, returns filing, form 16s.

Are plugHR contracts duration locked?

No, most subscriptions are open ended, can be altered or exited with 30 days notice anytime. Our billing model ensures that the engagement runs completely on merit.

How do I signup?