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Doer's day HR, Mumbai

The event

Ideal for entrepreneurs and HR managers to attend together. The 6 hours hands on coWorking session is structured to take on the core HR challenges and deal with them.

Plan of event

Organization design & roles: 2 hours

We'll get hands dirty designing organization structure, defining roles, writing KRAs and skills for all roles. Expect good discussions as we get you thinking about structural conflicts, you business goals and point out alignment issues. 

Policy primer: 1 hour

This session will open you eyes and mind to a whole new way World works. You'll see where major employee dissatisfaction comes from. We'll share essential policy framework and best practices. If building culture was a challenge, you'll see why. You'll begin fixing here.

Performance management activation: 2 hours

We'll take a deep dive into PMS, clarify all confusions and lay out the whole annual performance program for you to execute. You'll know the subject inside out and would never indulge in fluff. 

Building micro-learning network: 1 hour

This is your bumping up on technology enabled learning environment creation. You'll learn how to do training needs analysis quickly and you'll activate multiple platform training interventions.

By end of 6 hours, "innovation" will become your middle name. 


Participation fee per person is Rs. 10,000. If CEO and HR manager attend together, fee is Rs. 8000 for both put together.