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Art of good target setting

Let's understand the science and art of smart target setting beyond the jargons. Is uniform target setting good even though it might be fair? What makes people happier, cracking easier goals or tough goals? How important are wins as a tool for reinforcement of self esteem? What"s a good rating scale? How come so many Organizations use same rating scales?

List of questions can be never ending. Between these dilemmas, many professionals have figured out more than few others, some experiments are underway, some abandoned for lack of support but still hold promise. Let's put those thoughts on table and debate.

Let's learn ; share all about target setting at the nut bolt level. HR professionals, Team Managers & Entrepreneurs are all welcome.

As always plugHR formats are casual, no presentations, only story telling & laughter. There may be a small fee to cover for coffee. To keep conversation effective, we'll have limited participants.

Share your interest to with a note on "How would you contribute to the conversation".

We'll meet at some central location in Mumbai, exacts will be shared with participants.

Earlier Event: November 6
plugHR Demo day @ Mumbai