Your performance management fails at start?

That's because you focus too much on the end. 

Most performance programs are hardly programs. Far from becoming a habit, they hardly begin. And we see so many companies deploying tools after tools on measuring at the end of goal period. The big question team members have is "What are you going to measure, when you haven't even set goals?"

Much before you unleash yet another measuring device on very suspecting workforce, spend some time with Managers, orienting them to the performance program and do some drills on goals setting. If you can ensure that goals are set for all team members on time, you have won three fourth of the game. Tools will measure.

plugHR cloud app build performance program in a way that allows HR to quickly run on pre-defined department KRAs and business KPIs. For Managers it becomes easy then to assign goals to team members with adequate weightage and targets. Once defined, team members can break their goals down to milestones and track their own progress. End of performance period , system triggers for reviews and takes the program to its rating end.

That leaves with only one question, can you get started?