Honest bootcamps can replace review meetings

Workplaces have moved, away from fixed places that were once called offices. Today its the cafe, or the smartphone screen, or corner of home office and somewhere between these. In that scenario, reviews how they used to be must also change place. Now you don't want to drag the inspired lot back into meeting rooms with closed walls.

Bootcamps are a great way to do the ritual and then the real business building all in a day's work. Bottom it out with an informal dinner, some stroll and you are set for next sprint. Even those who still work from fixed offices can find in bootcamps a great opportunity to engage, review and apply mind in a more relaxed set up.

Every bootcamp need not be an excursion but outbound they can be, to nearby locations, day only or sleepovers, mixed formats, some training or engagement thrown in. A smart office manager, HR manager, happy manager can easily pull this off.

Get out of fixed walls and build some business.

Signing up plugHR has been a great decision
— Prashant Aroor, CEO, Intellistay Hotels