Do you warm up before work?

Modern sports science lays emphasis on dynamic warm up as the most effective form to get into play mould. Simply put, dynamic warm up is nothing but a warm up method built around specific sport situation. You do actions that you are most likely to perform during the actual game. Just that here you do them slowly and increase intensity gradually.

Another good objective you can mix well within warmups is strategic focus on improvising for long term gains. Objectives like coordination, anticipation & reaction can be significantly worked upon this way. 

After all sports demands performance. Well so does a workplace, isn't it? So where's the warmup?

High performance & productivity has a lot to do with last mile, not a day but every 20 minutes might be the unit of handling. Are you even focussed on these 20 minute units?

Mornings meetings are one of the most used start of the day rhythm. Nothing wrong with morning meeting but just that you've gone to play without a good warm up, performance will suffer and injuries are likely. 

You can very simply incorporate a dynamic warm up at work, combining a bit of work, play and some strategic objectives. Any sports coach can work with your HR team to put a daily drill together. Remember, some work elements should come in. 

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— Dr. Sanjay Arora, Founder, CEO, Suburban Diagnostics